Planorbarius corneus

Linnaeus, 1758
Planorbarius corneus
The large post-horned snail is found in most of Europe, except in the mountains and the most northern and southern areas. In addition, they also occur in Asia Minor, in the north of the Caucasus and in Siberia up to the Lena basin.
The snail has a large house. A diameter of 25 - 30 mm and a height of 10 - 14 mm. The base color is reddish brown to olive. The top is often a bit bluish or greenish gray and the bottom white. The inside of the house on the lip is white but reddish brown further in.

The Planorbidae family has representatives all over the world. Some can survive in temporary puddles and can close the houses through an operculum that closes the house. This way they can survive for several weeks until the puddle is refilled.

Unlike other snails, members of this family have red blood to store oxygen.
Planorbarius corneus