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Afterthought exhibition


Afterthought exhibition
The exhibition has been behind us for a few weeks now and has been a success. It is always a bit of stress to get everything in order. Regularly feeding the animals after work is part of it, but it is not always obvious if you do not live nearby. The demolition had to be done quickly, the room had to be empty on 1 evening. Not easy with 2 aquariums and 4 terrariums and then a shell collection. It was a long evening but luckily everything went well. My achatina zanzibarica had surprised the exhibition by looking after youngsters. During the exhibition, the visible young were already caught to the extent possible, but on the demolition evening some twenty were found. Once home, the snails were immediately returned to their trusted container.

Although an exhibition is great fun, I will put a little less aquaria and terraria next time.