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Anentome helena

Philippi, 1847
voeding visvoer
Anentome helena
A few years ago, these snails were introduced to the aquarium world and quickly sold widely. Snails of all kinds are often experienced as a pest in an aquarium and this snail is the solution as they feed on other snails. In addition, however, they also eat other protein-rich foods.
These snails are not ambiguous, so you need at least a male and a female to breed with. The eggs are individually attached to a piece of wood or stone in a transparent 'bag'. When there is no longer enough food, less or no eggs are laid.
Originally these animals are found in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia where they occur in fast flowing rivers but also in lakes. They prefer a sandy soil where they can also easily dig in.
They can grow to about 2 centimeters and are yellow with brown bands.