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Young pleurodonts


In March, some new species made their way to my snail garden. And the result is impressive. Some new Pleurodonte isabella provide a new bloodline and successfully because the first young are already born. In the Pleurodonte rostrata no eggs were noticed yet, but by Pleurodonte excellens. This is a very large species where adult animals can grow up to 8 cm. The animals I was able to purchase are the first offspring of wild-caught animals and are already two years old and therefore adults. The adaptation to their new living environment (a large container with branches, plants and a drinking bowl) went smoothly and after a week the first eggs were laid. At this point, the eggs have hatched for a while and the young, which remain underground for the first time, begin to crawl around. In the meantime there are also 2 new clutches, hopefully these will come out soon.