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Finally breeding Pleurodonte rostrata


Finally breeding Pleurodonte rostrata
In March, some new species of snails were purchased and most of them succeeded in breeding fairly quickly. Only the pleurodonte rostrata did not have eggs until about a month ago. As a stimulant, the temperature was raised somewhat and the next day there were already eggs. These were taken away and placed in a separate tray where they came out fairly quickly. Meanwhile, these youngsters are already several weeks old. A few days later I observed that in the terrarium of the adult animals there were also a number of youngsters that were already clearly older. In the end, the increase in temperature turned out not to have been the trigger, because the eggs from which these young hatched must have been laid one to two weeks earlier. Last week two eggs were laid again, one of which is already hatching.
Their bigger family, Pleurodonte excellens, have been mating yesterday. So eggs are expected there soon.