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The biennial exhibition of aquarium club Gracilis has started again. As always, it is a lot of work to set up everything and get it right on time. In a week, the parish hall of Tongerlo is transformed into a full-fledged aquarium show. This time I participate with 2 aquariums, 4 terrariums and I organize an exhibition of snail shells. Preparation is everything and so all kinds of things were prepared in the weeks before the exhibition. Yet it was a huge job to get it all done on a few week nights.

Hopefully the exhibition will be a great success and my snails will show themselves. This will not be a problem with the achatina reticulatas, because the three adult animals really stand out with their 16 cm. Other snails are much smaller. A lot of attention goes to the 'hair snails'. These are lymnaea stagnalis, but the algae green on their house makes it look like they have a punk haircut. The achatina zanzibarica crawl with forty through their dark terrarium where some spots are lit up with spots. As far as possible, plants were placed in all terrariums, although the achatina reticulata was limited to large grasses. Other plants would simply be eaten.