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Extinct snail rediscovered on Bermuda


Extinct snail rediscovered on Bermuda
It was 40 years ago that Poecilozonites bermudensis was seen, so it was long thought that this species was extinct. But now the species was rediscovered in the capital Hamilton. A small colony of these animals was rediscovered in a damp, overgrown alley. This species was once abundant, but after the introduction of a canivorous snail species it went downhill. The species was last seen in 1970.

A related species, Poecilozonites circumfirmatus, also declined rapidly in numbers, after which London Zoo started a breeding program for it. This is going well and in 2013, 200 animals bred in London were transferred to the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo where they will continue to breed pending reintroduction to the island.